Home Decor Mirror Glass – A Must-Have For Every Home

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Home decor mirror is an important part of home decor because it can increase the artistic value of a room’s interior in more ways than one. A large home decor mirror can be a solution for a small room. The large mirror can reflect light and color, making a small room appear larger and wider than it actually is.

Lots of mirror glass sold in the market. When you are looking for the ideal at home mirrors for your room, the first thing you have to remember is that you have to decide whether you want to use a standing mirror or a wall mirror. For a small room, choosing a home decor mirror for wall is more appropriate. These wall mirrors are widely available in various shapes of decorative mirrors with frames, for example round, rectangular, or oval shapes.


Large Decorative Wall Mirrors As A Decorative Element For Living Room

Decorative wall mirrors are easy to find in the living room in every house. You may have seen it in the living room of your friends or relatives. Usually, decorative wall mirrors are installed above the fireplace.

According to interior designers, placing a decorative mirror on the wall above the fireplace will create a vibrant atmosphere in the environment. In addition to functioning as a mirror glass, many people use it as a decorative element in the living room. Like placing a mirror above the fireplace, this mirror is being functioned as a decorative element, and not as a main mirror function because people will not be able to see their reflection because the mirror is too high to reach. This will serve as a point of interest in the living room that can attract the attention of everyone in the room.

To strengthen its decorative properties, you can place a small rectangular wall mirror decor, and deliberately place it at a foot level on the wall in your living room. This will add a more modern impression to the living room.

You can also put a mirror that can be folded in one corner of your living room, or often referred to as a triptych. In the past, this triptych was a set-of-three mirror glass that was hinged or fused together. This triptych can be a beautiful decoration if we can position it correctly in the living room.

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The Advantages of Having a Full-Length Home Decoration Mirror

If you need a mirror in the bedroom, you can choose a large full-length mirror model. The large, full-length mirror stands and uses a swivel hinge, so you can tilt the mirror for the best view.

The advantage of using a full-length mirror is that it is easy to move. If needed, you can easily pick it up and carry it to another room in your house. Or, you can also take it to your new home if you happen to move from one house to another.

Having full-length mirrors is also a great way if you live in an apartment where it’s not possible to attach any personal items. By having a full-length mirror, you can see how you look to make sure you look the best. If you are going to a special event or work meeting or are going to have an interview, you can look in the full-length mirror to make sure your appearance matches the impression you want to convey.

The large, full-length mirror design can easily match all elements of the room’s decor. You can put a full-length mirror with a wood frame to make it look more decorative. You can also place a full-length mirror where the frame is inserted in brass or gold to balance the silver color on the mirror itself.

The large full-length mirror has a height of up to 74 inches so that it can reflect a tall man and a small child. You can face your day with confidence by making sure you look your best in a full-length mirror in the morning.


What is The Price for Home Decor Mirror Glass?

Home decor mirror glass can be purchased from online retailers and distributors in various countries. Shopping online will make it easier for you to choose a suitable mirror or compare the prices before buying. You can choose from product catalogs, see specifications for sizes, finishes, types of materials used, and if everything fits, you can directly order them online. In general, end users are required to pay additional shipping and handling fees so that the mirrors they buy can arrive at their addresses safely.

If you are a business owner who owns a wholesale building material or home improvement store, a distributor of decorative items, and a building and interior contractor, and you want to buy home decor mirror glass to resell in your shops, then you can buy them directly from suppliers or manufacturers. Prices offered by suppliers or manufacturers are usually much cheaper when compared to buying them from retail sellers.

Prices offered by suppliers or manufacturers can be up to 30% or even 40% cheaper. This is because retail sellers have determined the profit from selling the home decor mirror glass products they offer.

You need to do a price comparison first at stores around you or through online stores. By doing it, you can estimate the selling price offered by the suppliers or manufacturers of home decor mirror glass.


Where to Buy Decorative Mirror Glass / Home Decor Mirror Glass?

However, you are required to be observant in choosing a reliable supplier or manufacturer that can fulfill the goods you ordered. If you choose the wrong supplier, you might be losing some amount of money as a result of your money that has been paid or deposited to the supplier or manufacturer but in the end the goods you ordered were never delivered to you.

This below tip can be very useful for you when you want to purchase decorative mirror glass / home decor mirror glass directly through suppliers or manufacturers.

You can order at ZADA Wall Cladding. ZADA Wall Cladding is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of decorative glass mirror, decorative architectural glass, home decor mirror glass, and wall cladding/wall panel works from Indonesia, offering a wide range of glass mirror wall claddings/wall panels to suit any interior workspaces. We always strive for the highest quality products, workmanship, and customer service.

ZADA Wall Cladding is always presenting design innovations over time. We are supported by the highly-skilled workmanship in the industry to produce good quality products at competitive prices. We are able to provide new designs and realize decorative mirror glass / home decor mirror glass products according to your needs and exclusive designs.

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