How You Can Use Glass Mirror Wall Panels to Make Any Home Or Office Interiors Look Fabulous

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The use of mirrored glass or decorative glass mirror wall panels to brighten up the living room of a house will create the impression of a traditional cathedral with its brightly painted windows. Likewise, the use of small glass mirrors for wall of various shapes can make any area of your home come alive quickly.

There are various colors available for mirror wall panels. All you need to do is make sure that the color of the interior wall paint matches the color of the glass mirror wall panels. Make sure carefully so that the glass mirror wall panel can blend with the walls of the house perfectly.

glass mirror wall panels

Tips on Choosing the Gold Color of Glass Mirror Wall Panels

The colors offered usually consist of red, blue, brown, black and white. In addition, there are advanced colors, namely gold, silver, bronze and copper. These colors can add a glittering effect in the interior room of the house.

From those colors, gold wall mirrors will create a luxurious impression in the interior of the house. However, this does not escape the overall concept of the interior of the room that you want to create. For that, you need to do some experiments to get the right color of mirror wall panels for the room interior.

After you get the theme of the room that you want to present in the house, then next you need to think about the area available for placing mirror wall panels. The giant wall area can be a good place to put mirror wall panels.

However, it is not easy to find a number of glass panels that can completely fill a very large wall area. If you are new to this, then it is better for you to use the services of a professional interior designer who can provide custom glass mirror wall panels to your liking. You will definitely get a very satisfying product, although sometimes it takes time for the manufacturing process.

How much does it cost to make custom design glass mirror wall panels?

We can’t say the exact price as it all depends on the size of the space you’re working with. You need to measure the area of ​​​​the walls of the room and also what design or theme you want to present. This will determine the use of glass materials that must be made.

Wholesale Glass Mirror Wall Panels Supplier

We, ZADA Wall Cladding, with a certain minimum order, can help realize the design of glass mirror wall panels according to your wishes. We are a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of decorative glass mirrors, decorative architectural glass, and wall cladding/wall panel works from Indonesia, offering a wide range of glass mirror wall claddings/wall panels to suit any interior workspaces. We always strive for the highest quality products, workmanship, and customer service.

You can save a lot of money to realize the design of glass mirror wall panels in the interior of your room. You can freely determine the interior theme, and we will help make the design for you. If you can do this right, then you can enjoy the fruits of interior work with glass mirror wall panels for years.

If you want to sell glass mirror wall panels wholesale, or you are a business owner of home improvement stores/chain stores, home improvement materials wholesalers & distributors, and building & interior contractors, you can entrust us for the supply of glass mirror wall panels.

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