Venetian Glass Mirror: The Perfect Blend To The Bathroom

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Venetian Glass Mirror History – The history of the mirrors manufacturing began in 1255 from a place called Murano in Italy. The people of Murano make a living as craftsmen, pearls makers, flasks and glass. Here is the birthplace of the Venetian glass mirror which is famous until today.

The interesting story is that the craftsmen in Murano were able to keep their trade secrets from anyone who wanted to know. Then, the mirror-glass makers in Venice flocked to ask to be included in their secret society. In the end, the mirror-glass makers in Murano produced the world-famous Venetian glass mirror.

The idea of the invention of the Venetian glass mirror is simple but very effective. Venetian glass mirror makers on the island of Murano covered the back of the glass with mercury which helped to achieve near-perfect and undistorted light reflection.

For an entire century, this idea of mirrored glass was applied to intricate frames and sold as a luxury and expensive decor item. This is because the mirror is not a practical item and is available for general distribution.

However, over time the secret was finally found and reached the city of London and Paris in the 17th century. The secret method of making mirror glass was eventually adopted quickly by the glass makers and they applied it to the manufacturing industry and in the end they managed to exploit its superior features and properties to achieve huge financial gains.

venetian glass mirror

In today’s era, the combination of antique glass mirrors with new mirrors with antique frames or quality reproduction wood frames is becoming increasingly popular in the home decoration industry. Mirrors are the perfect way to make almost any room in your home appear bigger and brighter.

Of course, if you are decorating an older house or a house that is equipped with quality antique furniture, then placing a Venetian glass mirror antique will look to fit the overall theme of your home. And in fact, many homeowners use antique Venetian glass mirrors as decoration elements to create the impression of being spacious and larger than the actual size of the room.

Vintage Murano Glass Mirror

The re-emergence of the Antique Furniture trend has made Art Deco-style furniture much in demand today. Apart from furniture, other decorative elements are also increasingly sought after, including the Vintage Murano glass mirror.

As we know, there are several characteristics that we can see from the characteristics of Art Deco furniture.

Generally, they are made with a metal finish. In addition, there are some luxurious decorations. Also, many pieces of furniture are made using mirrored glass or what we often call mirrored furniture.

Vintage Murano glass mirrors can be a luxurious decoration in a room, so using Vintage Murano glass mirrors will support the Art Deco theme in the interior room. In addition to Vintage Murano mirror glass, some pieces of furniture usually use luxury stone accents, quartz, and gems. Several other interior decoration items such as lamps, chandeliers, clocks and radios also use the Art Deco elements above. All of the furnishings and interior decor elements together create a rich, modern and luxurious look.

Rectangular Venetian Glass Mirror for Your Bathroom

In the bathroom there is usually a mirror on one side of the wall. Most bathrooms have rectangular mirrors in them.

However, if you are bored with the monotonous shape of the mirror, you can try to find a new mirror that can add to the impression of a more cheerful room in your bathroom.

One example of a mirror that can be an option is a classic rectangular mirror glass. You can look for classic mirrors that have interesting art and designs.

Venetian mirrors fulfill a classic and elegant look. If you like mirrors that are intricately designed, classic and beautiful, then Venetian mirror glass is perfect for you. Unlike the usual rectangular mirrored glass in the bathroom, the design and appeal of Venetian mirror glass is on a higher level.

Where To Buy Venetian Glass Mirror at Discounted Price?

At certain times, you can find cheap Venetian mirrors at home improvement and hardware stores. Some online stores also offer special discounts, especially if you want to buy in bulk.

If you are a business owner who owns a wholesale building material or home improvement store, a distributor of decorative items, and a building and interior contractor, and you want to buy bulk quantity of Venetian glass mirror to resell in your shops, then you can buy them directly from suppliers or manufacturers. Prices offered by suppliers or manufacturers are usually much cheaper when compared to buying them from retail sellers.

However, you are required to be observant in choosing a reliable supplier or manufacturer that can fulfill the goods you ordered. If you choose the wrong supplier, you might be losing some amount of money as a result of your money that has been paid or deposited to the supplier or manufacturer but in the end the goods you ordered were never delivered to you.

This below tip can be very useful for you when you want to purchase Venetian glass mirror directly through suppliers or manufacturers.

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